About Me


My Art History...

The first 10 years of life began in Brooklyn, New York. As far back as I can remember, I have been drawing, painting, and expressing my creativity. My high school art program provided me with many opportunities to develop a personal style and artistic vision. That is when I first began to think of myself as a painter. In college, I was exposed to an even wider variety of materials and processes, but painting was always at the forefront of my artistic experience.

Thanks to my Dad, I grew up with access to his darkroom and an open invitation to use his camera whenever I wanted. There was a point, years later, when I stood at a fork in the road, deciding whether to focus on photography or painting. Although once again, painting came out ahead, my love of the two had me straddling both.

The 1990’s were filled with creative exploration and discovery. I began to experiment with cutting canvases, using multiple canvas surfaces, and creating paintings that became multi-dimensional experiences. I was in artistic bliss and I have been cutting canvas ever since.

Then in the late 1990’s, after becoming a Mom, I finally found a way to integrate my photographs within my paintings.

Over the years, I have created “window” cutouts to reveal recessed photos and homemade books. I've used papers, sand, joint compound, and more to add texture. Now, I am thoroughly enjoying the use of canvas cloth as an additional element, with strings, fringes, and frayed edges.

I live in California with my wonderful husband, darling daughter, and our sweet dog, Pickles.

There is always a new creative venture to explore.


a bit more about me:

Several years ago, much to my surprise, I found myself devoting time, energy, and focus to anything and everything relating to gratitude. I guess you could say I became “hooked on gratitude."

During that time, I published two gratitude journals. 1st: The Gratitude Habit Journal and Workbook
2nd: Parenting The Gratitude Habit, a gratitude journal and resource for fostering gratitude in the home and family. To learn more and order copies, click HERE.