Images that become like threads, connecting us to the past, to our
collective history, and to something beyond the physical world.


Transcriptions Series


The Transcriptions Series is created around the concepts of ancient books, ancient languages, and ancient prayers. These canvases have been influenced by the books and scrolls unearthed from antiquity. Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin, and Ancient Phoenician are some of the languages incorporated within these mixed media paintings.


Canvas on Canvas

PLAYING WITH raw CANVAS on stretched canvas

My experience with the Transcriptions Series has given me the opportunity to create with canvas cloth. Now I am hooked and interested in continuing this exploration of my new favorite material. The current focus is on finding new methods for using the cloth to showcase text… or to simply adhere it directly onto the canvas to add a textured element to a painting.


small constructed layers of painted canvas with text

These small paintings were inspired by the closeup photos I had taken of the Transcriptions Series. They are painted onto layers of raw canvas cloth, then sewn together with added threads and text. The constructed piece is then stitched onto a slightly larger stretched and textured canvas to form the background for the piece.

The studio right after it's been cleaned and organized.

The studio right after it's been cleaned and organized.

Experiencing the Process.


The process of creating a piece of artwork is a journey requiring a number of steps before the finished product can be seen and appreciated. The artist gets to experience the joy of playing with the tools and materials to make their aesthetic vision come to life. I am so very grateful for the process and to be able to play with my materials to explore my creativity.  


Here are some images of the process: