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Gallery 1
Gallery One - Music in Art
The Music in Art paintings incorporate strips of sheet music, along with textured papers, into the background and overall design. The "Theme and Variations" canvases are 12 small paintings created as studies, or exercises, to begin the Music series.

Gallery 2
Gallery Two - Mistical Insites
The Mist paintings are a series of canvases painted using oils to reflect the essence of the photograph within. The photo includes an element of fog, clouds or morning mist.

Gallery 3
Gallery Three - Silhouessence
The Silhouessence Series is created using photos of silhouetted landscapes (silhouette of tree line, mountain or land). In each painting, the inner photo is placed within the silhouetted foreground of the painted canvas.

Gallery 4
Gallery Four - Prayer Boxes
The Prayer Boxes are photo/mixed media paintings designed as a sacred space to hold prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams. A box has been constructed and attached to the surface of each canvas. 

Gallery 5
Gallery Five - Southwest Extensions
The Southwest Extensions are photo/mixed media paintings that focus on the lines and light of the architecture of New Mexico.

Gallery 6
Gallery Six - Buddhas
The Buddhas are a series of photo/mixed-media paintings. Each piece has been designed as a shrine-like environment for the Buddha image within.

Gallery 7
Gallery Seven - Window Frames
The Window Frame Paintings are multi-dimensional canvases. The painted canvas acts as a framework for the recessed photo of an old weathered window; a window to the past.