Below you will find a brief description of each gallery. Click on the image or the name of the gallery you would like to visit.

Gallery 1
Gallery One - Music in Art
Music has always been a part of my creative process and an important part of my life. It is the focal point of my Music In Art works. I use strips of sheet music and papers to help create the background and design of each painting.

Gallery 2
Gallery Two - Mistical Insites
The Mist paintings are single canvas oil paintings that reflect the essence of the photograph within; a photo that includes an element of fog, clouds or morning mist. The recessed photo can be viewed through the soft edged cut out in the outer canvas layer.

Gallery 3
Gallery Three - Silhouessence
The Silhouessence Series is created using photos of silhouetted landscapes (silhouette of tree line, mountain or land). In each of the Silhouessence paintings, I have placed the photo within the foreground of the painting. The canvas is painted with oils to get the essence of the photo.

Gallery 4
Gallery Four - Prayer Boxes
The Prayer Boxes are photo/mixed media paintings designed as a sacred space to hold your prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams. A box has been constructed and attached to the surface of each canvas. 

Gallery 5
Gallery Five - Southwest Extensions
The Southwest Extensions are photo/mixed media paintings that focus on the lines and light of the architecture of New Mexico.

Gallery 6
Gallery Six - Buddhas
The Buddhas are a series of photo/mixed-media paintings. Each piece has been designed as a shrine-like environment for the Buddha image within. A Buddha photo is recessed within the canvas on an inner layer.

Gallery 7
Gallery Seven - Window Frames
The Window Frame Paintings are multi-dimensional canvases. The painted canvas acts as a framework for the recessed photo of an old weathered window; a window to the past.